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CMSgt (SEL) Tiffany S. Sargent

CMSgt (SEL) Tiffany S. Sargent

Chief Enlisted Manager, Manpower Personnel and Services Directorate, Headquarters Air Force Special Operations Command
SMSgt Tiffany S. Sargent is responsible for advising the Director on policies, programs and objectives involving the readiness, assignments, education and training, career progression, classification, manpower, and quality of life for more than 19,000 personnel worldwide and manages an operation budget of 16 million dollars throughout the command. Sergeant Sargent advises command senior leaders on all enlisted personnel matters across five operational wings and two special operations groups. In addition, as the Personnel Functional Manager, she oversees the manning and personnel actions for 192 Personnelists and assignment matters for 133 Chief Master Sergeants assigned to AFSOC.