Special Air Warfare Symposium

Dr. Joseph Long

Dr. Joseph Long

Faculty, Joint Special Operations University
Dr. Joseph Long is a retired Special Forces officer with operational experience as a Special Forces Detachment
Commander and Assistant Operations Officer in the 1 st Special Forces Group (Airborne) deploying across the
United States Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility and in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
–Afghanistan from 2003-2005. Dr. Long also served as Senior Instructor and Commander in various phases of
the Special Forces Qualification Course from 2006-2009, as the Program Director for the Afghan National
Army Special Operations Command from 2010-2011, and as the Group S-3 of the Special Warfare Medical
Group from 2012-2014 before ending his career as the Director of Special Forces Proponency in 2019. Dr. Long
is a 1997 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Master’s Degree in Defense
Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School and Doctorate in Executive Leadership from the University of
Charleston. His research interests include understanding the role of relational leadership in irregular and unconventional warfare and
ethical decision-making in highly complex compound security environments.